And the season for foodies

With the beginning of the harvesting season and the changing nature, we welcome the season for food lovers. If you feel the autumn tiredness creeping in, we would like to remind you of all the beautiful things in autumn. Walks and hikes in the mild autumn air are our preferred activities. The mountain presents itself in a colourful dress and the soft rays of the autumn sun gently caress our faces. The forest smells delicious. During your autumn strolls you should be aware of the nature surrounding you, you will find various little treasures: wild berries, mushrooms, the harvesting of fresh apples and plums and a lot of tasty herbs. In the Hotel Oberschwarzach we also use these little findings to season our regional dishes. The autumn is a season for foodies. The best time of the year to enjoy our local delicacies with your loved ones.


In our hotel plus the farm there is a lot to experience and discover. In our Oberschwarzach kitchen there is always a lot of sizzling, baking and cooking going on. With a lot of love, our kitchen team prepares the most beautiful local specialties using fresh and regional products. If you like to knead dough and enjoy the atmosphere in the kitchen, our bread baking session is the perfect event for you. We are looking forward to welcome you in our kitchen.



Feasts on mountain huts

Is there anything more cosy than taking a break during your autumn hike and enjoy the atmosphere of a managed hut in the middle of the beautiful Austrian nature? We don't think so. If you plan to go on a hike, you can prepare a little snack right in our hotel and take it with you. When taking little kids with you, we suggest you plan a couple of breathers in one of the managed huts. This way, the hiking spirit will remain unbroken and the energy reserves will be filled up. A hearty "Röstipfanne", "Bauernkrapfen" or a "Almbraten" are only some of the many local treats. And for dessert we recommend a delicious piece of quark cake or a plate of "Kaiserschmarren". After these dishes you will have new energy for another hike. Most of these huts also have playgrounds and animals such as goats and sheep. So older and younger adventurers and animal lovers will have the best time visiting them. While the little ones have a great time playing, the parents should take their time enjoying a glass of the local drinks. 





The autumn is the season in with the most work on our farm. After the summer has passed, we have to do the harvesting and cut our meadows for the last time. Starting in August, a lot of our fruits ripen and add an additional twist to our meals. Kids love helping out with the harvest, and that is good because the fruit-harvesting season is only starting to begin in August. Once the Indian Summer is over, our apples are ripe and ready to be picked. After harvesting, we wash them and process them to delicious juices and jams. And exactly these home made jams you will find every morning on our breakfast buffet.


In our garden and our patches we have to pick the last herbs and vegetables. The plants which are not hardy will be removed and the soil prepared for new plants which will start to grow in spring.




Harvest festival and farmers autumn: Let's celebrate and be thankful

At the end of September, beginning of October we celebrate our harvest festival "Erntedankfest". This is the time to be thankful and to say goodbye to summer in Saalbach-Hinterglemm. We say thanks for the colourful vegetables, fruits and bread and also the gifts our animals gave us such as milk and eggs. A lot of the vegetables can be used to prepare tasty soups and side dishes. In our kitchen little kids also get to know, where the products come from and how we harvest them.


The kitchen team welcomes everyone who wants to help. Nothing beats the mouthwatering smell of fresh baked farmers bread and kneading the dough brings everyone pleasure. And over kneading we might also tell you the secret ingeredients of this special bread. A highlight for little baking fans.


A lot of work is also our herbs garden. We have to regularly cut the herbs in order for our kitchen team to use them in their dishes. But we also use them for example to make syrup or honey. Local ingredients just taste way better than everything else.